UPDATE June 21st: Hello! You may have noticed that (almost) all of the products have gone missing. Not to worry, this is only temporary. I will be out of area until July 3rd, and will have things back to normal for ordering upon returning at that time. Any orders that have already been placed will be made and shipped out this week before I go on vacation (gloves, mask, and all). In the meantime, I will be available for questions, etc via the contact form as usual. Have a great couple of weeks until then, everybody :~) - Eric


Thank you very much for visiting the EML Picks online store! EML Picks is a one person operation in the Central San Joaquin Valley of California. There are two purposes with this brand in order to best serve fretted instrument players: to provide original EML Picks shapes (such as the Gypsy Jazz Special) that play better than anything currently available, as well as to take conventional shapes and turn them into better playing and sounding tools than they have been so far. No efforts have been spared to produce a high-quality, hand-crafted pick, and you will certainly feel the difference.







Three standard materials are offered for every shape and thickness: Casein, Resin, and PEEK. Additionally, a variety of materials are offered for custom orders. Each material is highly durable and robust in sound, although they each have their differences. Resin is the brightest of all three, whereas casein is the most mellow and possesses the fullest bass response. When it comes specifically to volume and durability, PEEK is a fantastic choice for a pick that will last for years to come.


A special note when it comes to casein: although not water soluble (so no need to worry!), casein does over long periods of time react with more acidic finger sweat. This creates a textured, checked surface only on the gripped portion of the pick. There is no need for concern, however, as this is only a surface effect that does not compromise the pick's strength, and in fact adds to its grip. To reduce this effect, you only need to wipe off the surface before returning it to its place of storage.






When it comes to any pick's playability, the bevel is a make or break attribute. An incorrect angle or sharp corner with the face can lead to resistance when going through the string, cutting down on your speed and tone. Of all aspects, cutting a proper and fast bevel is purposefully the slowest part of the process. Bevels are offered in right and left-handed options. Left-handed bevels should only be selected for players of left-handed instruments.