Gypsy Jazz Special (Resin)

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The Gypsy Jazz Special is the final result of a slow and diligent process to create a pick most suitable for the powerful, robust sound associated with gypsy jazz (although the pick itself is useful for any style). Years ago, a photocopy began circulating of a handwritten letter penned by well-known gypsy jazz producer Jon Larsen which detailed the way he learned from famous balalaika player Petro Ivanovitch to craft a highly functional pick. The design featured an extremely blunt tip with deep bevels that conformed to the angle in which the pick contacts the string. This is the natural result of a substantial pick being heavily used. However, if an unworn pick is always used with the thumb on the same side every time, the result instead is a slightly asymmetrical blunted tip whose different sides more greatly emphasize the upstroke and downstroke in a way that gives power without compromising speed. After carefully determining the best angle for the tip, the Gypsy Jazz Special is a design that is hard to stop using after spending some time with, and may be the end of your quest to find the perfect pick!